Trimm-Way Weight-Loss Program

Trimm-Way Office

The Trimm-Way Weight-Loss Program is a healthy way of losing weight, eating real food & no drugs.

Maintaining a healthy weight is 70% diet and 30% exercise. That’s why the Trimm-Way Weight-Loss Program focuses mainly on diet and making food choices that balance protein with carbohydrates and fats, incorporating frequent meals/snacks throughout the day, while also encouraging exercise and offering a Fitness Program.

Weight-Loss Program Basics:

The Trimm-Way Weight-Loss Program can be enhanced with the Trimm-Way Fitness Program for faster optimal results.

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Trimm-Way Fitness Program

The Trimm-Way Fitness Program is offered as an enhanced weight-loss program, conducted in the Burlingame Office. Karen Kelley, the founder of Trimm-Way, is an experienced fitness instructor and personal trainer. She will guide you on an exercise program that will match your weight management goals.

Fitness Program -- Appointments are 55 minutes.

Workout-Only Appointments -- Appointments are 55 minutes, subject to availability.

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Trimm-Way Custom Programs

Trimm-Way Programs are designed to meet the needs of:

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